50 Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 beserta Kunci Jawaban Sesuai Kurikulum 2013 TA 2023 2024

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Update 50 soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris, pas untuk bahan belajar di rumah
Update 50 soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris, pas untuk bahan belajar di rumah /Pexels.com / Pixabay/

MEDIA BLORA - Inilah 50 latihan soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 Tahun Ajaran 2023 2024, disertai kunci jawaban yang pas untuk latihan Ujian Sekolah sebelum dilaksanakan.

50 latihan soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 beserta kunci jawaban, bisa digunakan latihan orang tua atau siswa kelas 9 SMP/MTS, agar sukses ketika pelaksanaan Ujian Sekolah Tahun Ajaran 2023 2024.

Para siswa bisa mencoba mengerjakan 50 latihan soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 SMP/MTS beserta kunci jawaban ini, agar siswa mempunyai lebih banyak referensi dalam persiapan Ujian Sekolah.

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Walaupun sudah ada kunci jawaban 50 latihan soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 dari artikel dibawah ini, diharapkan para siswa tetap berusaha untuk mengerjakan tanpa melihat kunci jawabannya terlebih dahulu.

Berikut ini MEDIA BLORA rangkum dari berbagai sumber, 50 latihan soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013, bisa untuk latihan soal di rumah.


Question number 1 to 3 is based on the following text.

Fahmi and Narti go to a bicycle shop. They meet Fahry there.
Fahmi: “Hello, Fahry. How are you?”
Fahry: “Hi, Fahmi! I’m fine. Long time no see.”
Fahmi: “It sure is. What are you doing here?”
Fahry: “I’m looking for a new bicycle.”
Fahmi: “Really? Here is my friend, Narti. She is looking for a new bicycle, too.”
Narti: “Hello, Fahry. Nice to meet you.”
Fahry: “Nice to meet you, too.”
Fahmi: “Are you here alone?”
Fahry: “No, I’m waiting for my friends. There they are!”
Fahmi: “Well, okay then. Bye-bye.”
Fahry: “See you later.”

1. What is the relationship between Fahry and Fahmi?

A. Roomate
B. Classmate
C. Friend
D. Sibling

Jawaban C

2. Who wants to buy a new bicycle?

A. Fahmi and Fahry
B. Narti and Fahmi
C. Narti and Fahry
D. Fahry and his friends

Jawaban C

3. What does Narti say when She meets Fahry?

A. “Nice to eat you.”
B. “Nice to meet you.”
C. “Long time no see.”
D. “Where have you been?”

Jawaban B

4. Anisa: I’d like to buy a strawberry cupcake.
Seller: …. We don’t have any strawberry left.

A. I sell ice cream.
B. I’m terribly sorry.
C. I don’t have vanilla.
D. I’m buying strawberry.

Jawaban B

5. The following expressions are the way to express gratitude, except . . .

A. Thank you, Vany
B. Thanks a lot, Ardi
C. Good morning, everyone
D. I am grateful for this, Mom

Jawaban C

6. What does the students say when they meet each other on the way to the school?

A. Good morning
B. Good afternoon
C. Good evening
D. Good night

Jawaban A

7. Alex: “See you Fina”
Fina: “ . . . . “

A. Thanks
B. Bye
C. See you soon
D. Hi

Jawaban C

8. Salma: Ouch, my foot.
Alika: … Salma, I step on your foot.
Salma: Please be careful next time.

A. I’m so sorry.
B. I’m so glad.
C. I feel happy.
D. I regret that.

Jawaban A

9. What does the father say to his daughter when he comes home from work in the night?

A. Good morning
B. Good afternoon
C. Good evening
D. Good night

Jawaban C

10. You help someone with a heavy bag. They say ''Thank you'' and you reply ....

A. No thanks
B. You're welcome
C. I appreciate it
D. I am grateful

Jawaban B

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 11. Teacher: You _____ complete your homework before class tomorrow.

a. may
b. must
c. could
d. will

Jawaban B

12. There is _________ in my class.

a. a new student
b. some new students
c. a lot of students
d. few students

Jawaban C

13. Are there _____________ in the city?

a. a café
b. some cafés
c. café
d. one café

Jawaban A

14. Sarah : I have a spare ticket for the concert. Will you go with me?
John : ______. I'd be happy to go with you.

a. Sure, I will.
b. Count me in.
c. I'm not interested.
d. I don't know.

Jawaban B

15. David : I need someone to help me move this heavy furniture.
Lisa : Sure, I'd be willing to give you a hand.

What can you conclude about Lisa`s willingness to help David?

a. Lisa is too busy to help.
b. Lisa is not interested in helping.
c. Lisa is open and ready to help David.
d. Lisa is unable to help because she's not strong enough.

Jawaban A

16. Mark : ______ clean your room before we have guests over.
Lisa : Oh, I forgot! Thanks for reminding me.

a. you can
b. you must
c. you might
d. you could

Jawaban C

17. Sarah : I need to buy a gift for my mom's birthday.
Mike :You should _____ her a bouquet of flowers.

The best word to complete the conversation is …..

a. buying
b. bought
c. buy
d. buys

Jawaban B

18. Tom : Would you like some coffee?
Alice : Yes. _____, please.

The best imperative sentence to complete the conversation is …..

a. open the door!
b. went to the beach!
c. would clean the floor!
d. Pass me the sugar!

Jawaban D

19. Which sentence gives a command/instruction?

a. He enjoys watching movies.
b. We had a picnic yesterday.
c. Please close the door.
d. She might come later

Jawaban C

20. What is the best response for the expression below?
Riri: “Finally, the homework is finished.”
Rinda: “Well, okay then….”
Riri: “Okay, see you.”

A. “See you tomorrow.”
B. “See you yesterday.”
C. “Let’s go out somewhere.”
D. “Let’s take a rest for now.”

Jawaban A

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21. Uncle : When will you have your final exam, Rasya?
Rasya : Next two weeks, Uncle Sam. I’ve been studying hard for it.
Uncle : I . . . you will pass it with the good mark.
Rasya : Thank you very much, Uncle Sam

A. agree
B. hope
C. know
D. doubt

Jawaban B

22. Andika : I think Ilham is such a helpfull person
Riska : . . . . . He’s always ready to give a hand for those who need help.

A. You don’t know
B. You’re wrong
C. I don’t think so
D. I think so

Jawaban D

23. Intan : This cat is very cute. Do you agree?
Dina : …….. it is very cute.

A. I disagree
B. I’m sorry I can’t
C. you are right
D. I don’t know

Jawaban C

24. Sinta : How was your work?
Ana : I have finished my first novel.
Sinta : Wow . . . .
Ana : Thank you

A. Oh my God!
B. Thank You
C. I hope It's fine
D. Well done! You did it

Jawaban D

25. Sam : Did you know that I just opened a new business in New Castle?
Timmy : No, I didn’t. That sounds great. Congratulations on your new business.
Sam : Thank you. Any wishes for me?
Timmy : Of course. I ……..

To complete the dialogue, the suitable hope/wish expression is ….

A. I am happy for you.
B. I wish I can have the same business.
C. I hope your business can be larger and larger.
D. I hope you will agree with me.

Jawaban C

The following dialog is for questions 26 to 28

 Fitri and Maya are in the library. They are talking each other.
Fitri : By the way ( 6) you done your English homework?
Maya : No, I haven’t.
Fitri : Let’s go to canteen.
Maya : But. I haven’t (7) my tasks yet.
Fitri : No worries. I am going to help you after eating. I have (8) ___ it.
Maya : wow, you are a clever girl.
Luna : oh thank you, I hope so. Come on!

26. A. do
B. does
C. are
D. have

Jawaban D

27. A. finish
B. finished
C. finishing
D. unfinished

Jawaban B

28. A. do
B. did
C. done
D. doing

Jawaban C

The following text for number 29 to 30
Dear Esther

Congratulations ever since I heard about your success as the first winner reading of Holy Qur’an contest of National Santri Day. I know how hard you practiced. We are all very proud of you. We wish you all the best in getting your dream to be famous Qur’an reader someday.

Chairperson of 9A

29. The text above shows that …..

A. The writer is one of contestants
B. Esther is the best student
C. Esther is the best reader of Holy Qur’an
D. Rudi is Esther’s special friend

Jawaban C

30. The text is for …… of Santri day reading of Holy Qur’an contest

A. The best gardener
B. The best teacher
C. The best Qur’an reader
D. The best graduate student

Jawaban C

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The text for number 31-34
The Rabbit and The Turtle

Once upon time, there was a rabbit. A rabbit walked into the park and got a rest. At the same time, the rabbit saw the turtle walked so slowly. Then, the rabbit went to the turtle to say hello to the turtle. “Hello turtle, why you walked so slowly?”. The turtle answered, “Hi rabbit, exactly I am not walking now, but I am running now”. “hahaha hahaha” the rabbit laughed, “What did you say? Running is like that? Running is like this”. The rabbit ran so fast and make the turtle get shocked and get angry at the same time.
After the rabbit ran so fast, the angry turtle challenged him “Hey rabbit, you are so arrogant, let’s race”. and then the rabbit laughed again “hahaha hahaha, take a race? with you? haha! you are a slow turtle”. but the turtle convinces himself “I can win!”. The rabbit said, “okay, okay let’s go, tomorrow we will meet here again to take a race”.
The next day, they have already prepared to take a race. Mr. Frog also came as a referee. “One… two… three… go!” said the frog. The rabbit immediately ran so fast and left the turtle behind. “Catch me if you can!” shouted the rabbit. But, the turtle just smiled at him.
After running for a while, the rabbit saw a restaurant. “I am hungry and the turtle was still far from me, so I could eat some foods first”. Then the rabbit entered that restaurant and ate a lot of delicious foods like cheese, fruit, and cake.
The turtle still ran and cheered itself, “I believe I can!”. After the rabbit felt full, he ran away, but he felt so tired. “Hoahemm, I feel so tired. I think I will sleep a few minutes”.
Suddenly, the rabbit woke up with a surprised face and he ran faster than before. But he was too late. The turtle just finished the race. “I am a loser, what a shame!” the rabbit said. Then the turtle answered, “Yes because you are so arrogant, that makes you failed”.
Rabbit felt embarrassed and he ran away from the turtle.

31. What is the writer’s intention writing the text?

A. To amuse the reader.

B. To describe about animal.

C. To advertise the animal.

D. To tell how to take care it

Jawaban A

32. Rabbit felt embarrassed and he ran away from the turtle.
The word “he” in the sentence refers to …..

A. Turtle

B. Rabbit

C. Frog

D. Felt

Jawaban B

33. What is the turtle’s character?

A. Arrogant

B. Polite

C. Wise

D. Optimist

Jawaban D

34. Why did rabbit laugh at the turtle?

A. Because the turtle run so slow

B. Because the turtle run so fast

C. Because the turtle was frog’s friend

D. Because the turtle is small

35. These are kinds of narrative text, except .....

A. Folklore

B. Fairytale

C. Poem

D. Legend

Jawaban C

 The text for number 36-37

In the past, there lived a young orphan farm in the northern part of the island of Sumatra. Syahdan, the young man made his life from farming and fishing. One day while he was fishing he got a fish which was so beautiful in golden brown. While he was holding it, the fish turned into a beautiful princess. The princess was a woman who was condemned for violating the prohibitions and it would turn into a kind of creature who first touched it. Because at that time the human touched it, then it turned into a princess.
Fascinated by her beauty, the young man asked her to be his wife. The application was accepted on condition that the young man was not allowed to tell the origin of the princess who came originally from fish. The young man agreed to this requirement. Having got married for a year, the couple got a boy but he had a bad habit that he never felt satisfied while he was eating. He ate all the food.
One day the boy ate all the food that should be given to his father. The young man then so angrily said: "basically you are the offspring of fish!" That statement by itself unlocked the secrets of his wife and broke his promise.
Shortly afterwards, his wife and son magically disappeared. Suddenly in the land of their former footsteps went out the springs which were very heavy. The water flew from these springs continuously and the longer it happened the larger it would be. Finally, these springs became a vast lake. The lake is now called Toba Lake

36. What is the title of a narrative text above ?

A. Orphan farm

B. The Legend of Toba Lake

C. Part of the Island of Sumatra

D. Beauty Fish

Jawaban B

37. What lessons can we learn from the story?

A. Do not break your promise that has been agreed upon

B. Be patient man

C. Be a fish

D. Don’t angry with your son

Jawaban A

Jawaban A

The text for number 38-41
Once upon a time, lived a diligent boy named Malin Kundang. He lived in the seashore with his mother. They were poor, but they lived quiet and harmonious.
One day, a big ship closed to the beach near their village. They asked people to join work in their ship and went to the cross island. Malin kundang wanted to join with them because he wanted to improve his family’s life. But his mother didn’t permit him. She worried to Malin. Malin still kept his argument and finally he sailed with the big ship. Several years later, Malin kundang succed and he became rich trader. Then, he came to his native village with his beautiful wife, but his wife didn’t know Malin’s real descent. His happy mother quickly approached Malin and brought a plate of village cake, Malin’s favorite. But Malin didn’t admit that woman as his poor mother, and then he kicked the village cake which brought by his mother until scattered.
He broke his mother’s heart because Malin rebellious to her, who had growth him. Then, his mother cursed Malin became stone suddenly. The big ship which Malin’s was vacillated by a big storm and all of his crewman tossed aside out. Malin realized that was his fault that rebellious his mother. He bowed down and became stone.

38. Where is the legend from? It is from …

A. West Sumatra

B. South Sumatra

C. North Sumatra

D. Lampung

Jawaban A

39. With whom did Malin kundang live before success?

A. His wife

B. His mother

C. His crewman

D. His family

Jawaban B

40. Why was Malin’s mother broken-hearted?

A. Because Malin succeeded

B. Because Malin became king

C. Because Malin didn’t admit her mother

D. Because Malin went home

Jawaban C

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41. He lived in the seashore with his mother. (paragraph 1)
The synonym of the underlined word is …

A. Farm

B. Garden

C. Mountain

D. Beach

Jawaban D

42. The waiter is serving the customer. The passive is……

A. The customer is served by the waiter

B. The customer are served by the waiter

C. The customer is being served by the waiter

D. The customer was being served by the waiter

Jawaban C

43. Mrs. Aisyah will plant rose. The passive is ….

A. A rose will be planted by Mrs. Aisyah

B. A rose can be planted by Mrs. Aisyah

C. A rose is planted by Mrs. Aisyah

D. A rose are planted by Mrs. Aisyah

Jawaban A

44. Tomorrow, New sandals …… by Gema Nurani’s students.

A. Should be bought

B. Would be bought

C. Shall be bought

D. Will be bought

Jawaban D

45. This classroom ….. by the student of IX yesterday

A. Was cleaning

B. Cleaned

C. Was cleaned

D. Was cleaning

Jawaban C

46. Arrange the jumbled words into good sentences
village – government – my – the – bridge – has – in – the – new – built - by - been

A. The government built has been in my village by the new bridge.

B. The government has built been by the new bridge in my village.

C. The new bridge has been built by the government in my village.

D. The new bridge has built by been in my village the government.

Jawaban C

47. Congratulations! You are …..as the best student this year

A. choose

B. chosen

C. chooses

D. choosing

Jawaban B

The following text is for questions number 48 - 50

Isra’ and Mi’raj
The Israʾ and Miʿraj are the two parts of a Night Journey that, according to Islam, the prophet Muhammad (570–632) took during a single night around the year 621. Within Islam it signifies both a physical and spiritual journey. A brief sketch of the story is in the Quran surah al-Isra, while greater detail is found in the hadith; later collections of the reports, teachings, deeds and sayings of Muhammad.
In the Israʾ part of the journey, prophet Muhammad is said to have travelled on the back of the winged steed Buraq to Al-Aqsa Mosque where he leads other prophets in prayer.
In the next part of the journey, the Mi'raj, he ascends into heaven where he individually greets the prophets and later, speaks to God, who gives Muhammad instructions to take back to the Muslims regarding the details of prayer. The journey and ascent are marked as one of the most celebrated dates in the Islamic calendar.
(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isra_and_Mi%27raj#cite_note-enc-1)

48. Find the correct statements based on the text above!

A. Isra’ and Mi’raj take during two nights.

B. The detail Story of Isra’ Mi’raj is found in the hadith.

C. Mi’raj is the journey of Prophet Muhammad to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

D. In Mi’raj, Prophet Muhammad did not meet God.

Jawaban B

49. “The Israʾ and Miʿraj are the two parts of a Night Journey…”
The underlined word has similar meaning to …

A. Ascent

B. Lead

C. Travel

D. Greet

Jawaban C

50. Where he leads other prophets in prayer. (Paragraph 2)
The word he refers to ….

A. Prophet Muhammad

B. Moslem

C. Buraq

D. Isra’ Mi’raj

Jawaban A

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