45 Update Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Sesuai Kurikulum 2013 TA 2023 2024

- 3 April 2024, 19:00 WIB
Update 45 soal Ujian Sekolah/Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 Tahun 2024, pas untuk bahan belajar bersama teman
Update 45 soal Ujian Sekolah/Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 Tahun 2024, pas untuk bahan belajar bersama teman /Pexels.com / Dom J/

MEDIA BLORA - Inilah 45 update soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 Tahun Ajaran 2023 2024, disertai kunci jawaban yang pas dipakai latihan Ujian Sekolah sebelum dilaksanakan.

45 update soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 beserta kunci jawaban ini bisa digunakan latihan orang tua atau siswa kelas 6 SD/MI, agar sukses ketika pelaksanaan Ujian Sekolah Tahun Ajaran 2023 2024.

Para siswa bisa mencoba mengerjakan 45 update soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 SD/MI beserta kunci jawaban ini, agar siswa mempunyai lebih banyak referensi dalam persiapan Ujian Sekolah.

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Walaupun sudah ada kunci jawaban 45 update soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 dari artikel dibawah ini, diharapkan para siswa tetap berusaha untuk mengerjakan tanpa melihat kunci jawabannya terlebih dahulu.

Berikut ini MEDIA BLORA rangkum dari berbagai sumber, 45 update soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 sesuai kisi-kisi Kurikulum 2013 lengkap dengan kunci jawaban sebagai bahan latihan soal dirumah.

 1. Alex: “See you Fina”
Fina: “ . . . . “

A. Thanks
B. Bye
C. See you soon
D. Hi

Jawaban C

2. Salma: Ouch, my foot.
Alika: … Salma, I step on your foot.
Salma: Please be careful next time.

A. I’m so sorry.
B. I’m so glad.
C. I feel happy.
D. I regret that.

Jawaban A

3. What does the father say to his daughter when he comes home from work in the night?

A. Good morning
B. Good afternoon
C. Good evening
D. Good night

Jawaban C

4. You help someone with a heavy bag. They say ''Thank you'' and you reply ....

A. No thanks
B. You're welcome
C. I appreciate it
D. I am grateful

Jawaban B

5. Anisa: I’d like to buy a strawberry cupcake.
Seller: …. We don’t have any strawberry left.

A. I sell ice cream.
B. I’m terribly sorry.
C. I don’t have vanilla.
D. I’m buying strawberry.

Jawaban B

6. The following expressions are the way to express gratitude, except . . .

A. Thank you, Vany
B. Thanks a lot, Ardi
C. Good morning, everyone
D. I am grateful for this, Mom

Jawaban C

7. What does the students say when they meet each other on the way to the school?

A. Good morning
B. Good afternoon
C. Good evening
D. Good night

Jawaban A

 Question number 8 to 10 is based on the following text.

Fahmi and Narti go to a bicycle shop. They meet Fahry there.
Fahmi: “Hello, Fahry. How are you?”
Fahry: “Hi, Fahmi! I’m fine. Long time no see.”
Fahmi: “It sure is. What are you doing here?”
Fahry: “I’m looking for a new bicycle.”
Fahmi: “Really? Here is my friend, Narti. She is looking for a new bicycle, too.”
Narti: “Hello, Fahry. Nice to meet you.”
Fahry: “Nice to meet you, too.”
Fahmi: “Are you here alone?”
Fahry: “No, I’m waiting for my friends. There they are!”
Fahmi: “Well, okay then. Bye-bye.”
Fahry: “See you later.”

8. What is the relationship between Fahry and Fahmi?

A. Roomate
B. Classmate
C. Friend
D. Sibling

Jawaban C

9. Who wants to buy a new bicycle?

A. Fahmi and Fahry
B. Narti and Fahmi
C. Narti and Fahry
D. Fahry and his friends

Jawaban C

10. What does Narti say when She meets Fahry?

A. “Nice to eat you.”
B. “Nice to meet you.”
C. “Long time no see.”
D. “Where have you been?”

Jawaban B

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11. What is the best response for the expression below?
Riri: “Finally, the homework is finished.”
Rinda: “Well, okay then….”
Riri: “Okay, see you.”

A. “See you tomorrow.”
B. “See you yesterday.”
C. “Let’s go out somewhere.”
D. “Let’s take a rest for now.”

Jawaban A

Teks for number 12 to 14
Complete the text with appropriate words!

I used to have a beautiful cat named Welly. She had white fluffy fur and purple eyes and she had a little gray spot on her head and a black spot on her tail, and she also had small .... (12) with very cute paws. Welly was a very ... (13) cat too. She knew my schedule. She would wake me up in the morning, a couple of minutes before my alarm clock rang. She even knew what time I came home. When I opened the door, she would jump on me ... (14) as if she was trying to tell me that she missed me so much.

12. …….

A. Tail
B. Legs
C. Body
D. Head

Jawaban B

13. …….

A. Smart
B. Cute
C. Adorable
D. Funny

Jawaban A

14. ……

A. Lazily
B. Wildly
C. Slowly
D. Quickly

Jawaban D

15. What is the shape of the woman's hair in the picture?

A. Short and straight hair
B. Long and wavy hair
C. Straight and long hair
D. Wavy and short hair

Jawaban B

16. Which of the following is an example of a bathroom chore?

A. Washing the car
B. Dusting the furniture
C. Cleaning the toilet
D. Vacuuming the carpet

Jawaban C

Question number 17 to 18 is based on the following text.
Andi : “ Hi, my name is Andi. “………………...”
Risa : Hello, my name is Risa
Andi : “ You look so gorgeose Risa, I like your friendly smile”

17. What does Andi ask to Risa?

A. “Is it you?.”
B. “What’s your name?”
C. “How are you?.”
D. “Where do you live?.”

Jawaban B

18. What does Andi like from Risa?

A. “Friendly smile.”
B. “Chubby cheek.”
C. “Friendly voice.”
D. “Long black hair.”

Jawaban A

19. Manda: Lucy, .........…, Vira
Lucy: Hi Vira, I’m Lucy.

A. My name is
B. This is my classmate
C. I’d like to introduce myself
D. I’m very happy to see you here

Jawaban B

20. ..... My name is Fika

A. Let me introduce myself
B. It’s good to see you
C. Let me know your self
D. Let me know me

Jawaban A

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21. Dani: “Hello, I am Dani……?
Vina: “ My name is Vina.
What question is suitable to fill in the blank?

A. What do you do?
B. What is your name?
C. When you were born?
D. What is your hobby?

Jawaban B

22. Viona: “Hi, I am Viona.
Hera: “……?
Viona: “It’s V-I-O-N-A.”
The right expression to complete the dialogue is:

A. How old are you?
B. Where do you come from?
C. How do you spell your name?
D. What is your hobby?

Jawaban C

23. Chandra: “I live in Surabaya……?”
Dimas: “I live in Semarang.”
What question is missing?

A. What is your name?
B. How about you?
C. What is your hobby?
D. What do you do?

Jawaban B

Look at the information below and answer the questions number 24 to 28.
Name : Deva Putri Ane
Age : 14
City : Makassar
Gender : Female
Hobbies : fishing, reading, and basketball

Name : Carla Anastasya
Age : 13
City : Malang
Religion : Islam
Job : Student
Hobbies : knitting, cooking, and tennis

24. How old is Deva?

A. 17 years old
B. 16 years old
C. 14 years old
D. 15 years old

Jawaban C

25. Where does Deva live?

A. Makassar
B. Bali
C. Medan
D. Papua

Jawaban A

26. What are Deva hobbies?

A. Fishing, reading, and tennis
B. Fishing, cooking, and basketball
C. Fishing, reading, and basketball
D. Knitting, reading, and basketball

Jawaban C

27. Where does Carla live?

A. Malang
B. Makassar
C. Palembang
D. Manado

Jawaban A

28. What are Carla hobbies?

A. Knitting, cooking, and basketball
B. Knitting, reading, and tennis
C. Fishing, cooking, and tennis
D. Knitting, cooking, and tennis

Jawaban D

The following text is for question number 29-30.
My Favorite Food
Hello, my friend. My name is William. This time, I will tell you about my favorite food. My favorite food is nasi liwet. Nasi liwet is a food originated from Solo, Central Java. Nasi liwet is tasty and a little bit salty. Nasi liwet consists of tasty rice or sega gurih, shredded chicken, coconut milk, and chayote. I like the taste of Nasi liwet. I usually buy Nasi liwet near my house.

29. What does William talk about?

A. His favorite time
B. His favorite food
C. His favorite snack
D. How to make nasi liwet

Jawaban B

30. What does William think about nasi liwet?

A. Tasty
B. Spicy
C. Bitter
D. Tasteless

Jawaban A

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31. Look the following picture!
What is this?

A. This is mushroom
B. This is porridge
C. This is fried rice
D. This is meat ball

Jawaban B

32. Look at the following picture!
Randy likes this food. This is. . .

A. Boiled eggs
B. Sunny side up
C. Meat
D. Omelet

Jawaban B

33. The color of the drink is pink. Its taste is sweet. It is…

A. Orange juice
B. Pineapple juice
C. Guava juice
D. Avocado juice

Jawaban C

34. The color of this drink is green. Its taste is sweet. It is. . .

A. Orange juice
B. Strawberry juice
C. Pineapple juice
D. Avocado juice

Jawaban D

35. Which of these foods belong to healthy snack option?

A. Chips
B. Apples
C. Cookies
D. Candy

Jawaban B

Read the following text and answer Questions 36 to 37.
How to Make a Club Sandwich

Ingredients :
● slices of bread
● lettuce
● tomatoes
● protein: egg, chicken, bacon, meat, salami
Steps :
● First, take slices of bread
● put butter on them evenly
● Then, you can toast them or not. it is optional
● Add the filling, tomatoes, lettuce, eggs, salami/chicken/bacon, cheese
● Afterwards, add mayonnaise and tomato sauce
● Put skewed on the sandwich if you are making a large sandwich
● Finally, it is ready to serve.

36. What is the topic of the text?

A. How to make snacks
B. How to use bread.
C. How to make breakfast.
D. How to make a club sandwich.

Jawaban D

37. What are the vegetables that we can find in the club sandwich?

A. Tomatoes and lettuce
B. Mayonnaise and tomato sauce
C. Chicken and bacon
D. Bread and cheese

Jawaban A

Read the following text and answer Questions 38 to 42.
How to Operate Washing Machine

How to Operate Washing Machine
1. First, put the colored and the white clothes in the different sinks.
2. Second, the white clothes in the washing machine.
3. Turn the machine on, set it to the wash selection and pour the detergent powder in.
4. Then, wait for the tub to be filled with water.
5. After the process of washing has finished, let the clothes drain through the drain hose.
6. Next, see the knob of the wash timer again, this time to rinse for three minutes. Do this twice for a good rinsing.
7. Finally, put the wet clothes into the spin compartment, set the knob and wait until the spin processing shuts off.
8. Take all the washed clothes.

38. What is the purpose of the text?

A. To give information about how to use washing machine
B. To give entertainment to the reader
C. To give some facts about washing machine
D. To give some steps to make a washing machine

Jawaban D

39. How many steps are there in the manual above?

A. Six
B. Seven
C. Eight
D. Nine

Jawaban C

40. What should we do after turning the machine on?

A. Put the colored and the white clothes
B. Set the machine to the wash selection
C. Let the clothes drain
D. Wait for the tub to be filled with water

Jawaban D

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41. According to the text, what should we do to have a good rinse?

A. Rinse for about 10 minutes
B. Rinse manually
C. Rinse in the first step
D. Rince twice

Jawaban A

42. What is the last step of the manual above?

A. Put the colored and the white clothes in the different sinks
B. Wait for the tub to be filled with water
C. Take all the washed clothes
D. Turn the machine on

Jawaban B

43. Bram : There is a big ... in my bedroom. It's used for storing my clothes.
Tini : You must have a lot of clothes, so you need a big one.

A. Locker
B. Wardrobe
C. Cupboard
D. Spring bed

Jawaban B

44. Mother: "Where is your father?"
Nia: "My father is in the .... He is going to take a bath.”

A. Bedroom
B. Dining room
C. Living room
D. Bathroom

Jawaban D

45. A house hold tool to clean dust and rubbish is....

A. Broom
B. Glass
C. Spoon
D. Knife

Jawaban A

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